New Master Programmes at Arden University

11. Mai 2022 I  Jobs

Arden University in the United Kingdom is offering two new remote Master programmes related to issues in global health. Read below information provided by the university:

Designed to help those wishing to get involved in the public or global health sector, Arden University offers MSC in Global Health Management and a Master of Public health courses. 

Both programmes have been developed to meet a growing demand for graduates with a passion for managing and leading preventive health services (especially after the COVID-19 pandemic) in communicable and non-communicable diseases and, in ensuring as much real-world-relevance as possible, all modules have been designed and created with strong collaboration from leading public/ global health employers and industry advisory groups. 

The MSc Global Health Management looks to prepare students with the technical, managerial, and leadership skills needed to succeed in health management from a global perspective. Examining today’s most pressing healthcare management issues, the course examines the latest skills in digital literacy and data analysis used in the prevention of disease in global populations. 

Meanwhile, the Master of Public Health programme prepares students for a career in the public health sector, providing a broad understanding of contemporary issues in public health, with particular focus on the latest digital and analytical skills sought by employers at population, community, and national levels. 

Both courses are accredited by the Chartered Management Institute and awaiting further validation by the Agency for Public Health Education Accreditation. As a result, students can gain CMI accreditation at no added cost to their degree. 

Students can enjoy these flexible and contemporary programmes, at their own pace, with options to undertake studying on a full time or part time basis (between 1-3 years). 

This flexibility means that both MPH and GHM programmes are offered online by Arden University. Making use of the latest cutting-edge education technology students can study wherever and whenever they choose.  Face-to-face teaching may become an option later down the line, but students will still have the opportunity to choose what kind of study mode best suits their individal schedules. 

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Learn more about the Master of Public Health and the MSc Global Health Management programmes.

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