Centre for Planetary Health Policy and Global Health Hub Germany Strengthen Cooperation

04. Oktober 2023 I  Climate & Health  I von : Eva Genzmer

We are thrilled to announce an intensified cooperation with CPHP. Our two organisations are joining forces in a strategic partnership to raise public awareness of the critical link between climate change and global health.

The Centre for Planetary Health Policy (CPHP) and the network Global Health Hub Germany have agreed in a Memorandum of Understanding to further strengthen and deepen their cooperation in the field of climate and health. The two organisations have already worked together in the past, including the successful hosting of a Parliamentary Evening on Climate and Health in 2022. Looking ahead, the Global Health Hub Germany and CPHP aim to intensify their cooperation in order to jointly raise awareness of the links between climate change and global health and to contribute to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Shared Mission
"We are excited to intensify our collaboration with the Hub, as our organisations clearly share a joint ambition: to put the interdependence between health and the environment on the political agenda and to identify and highlight holistic solutions across sectors and stakeholder groups," says Maike Voss, Managing Director of the Centre for Planetary Health Policy. The think tank CPHP researches the impact of socio-ecological systemic crises on health and well-being and develops recommendations for action for and with policy-makers on how to translate planetary health policy into concrete action at all political levels – from the local to the international level.

Multi-Stakeholder Approach
"The relationship between climate change and health is one of the key issues in the Global Health Hub Germany that our members are continuously working on. We bring together the expertise and perspectives of eight different stakeholder groups in the Hub," says Corinna Heineke, Managing Director of the Global Health Hub Germany. "By working closely with CPHP, it will be possible not only to leverage synergies and pool expertise, but also to bring even more diverse stakeholders to the table and develop progressive approaches to solutions."

Roundtable to Launch the Collaboration 
To launch their strategic collaboration, CPHP and the Global Health Hub Germany will host a Parliamentary Breakfast on Climate and Health on Wednesday 8 November 2023. The event will take place ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference COP27 and will bring together relevant experts and decision makers from different ministries. Details of the event will be announced soon.

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