Policy Brief on Global Health and Migration: Prioritising Migrants and Refugees in the Global Health Discourse

20. Februar 2024 I  Global Health & Migration

In February 2024, our Hub Community on Global Health and Migration published a new policy brief on how to address the health challenges faced by migrants and refugees and formulates key actions.

Key Questions

  1. Why prioritise migrants and refugees in this discourse?
  2. How can awareness of their health challenges be improved in the context of global health?


This policy brief aims to provide a comprehensive framework with key policy recommendations and actions that highlight the critical importance of addressing the health challenges faced by migrants and refugees in host countries. By addressing facilitators, barriers, frontline worker experiences, system integration, and specific healthcare needs, the brief aims to inform policymakers and other relevant stakeholders in Germany about the measures needed to ensure equitable and effective healthcare for this vulnerable population and the opportunities that migrants can offer to the host countries.

There is a crucial need to address the disconnect between global policy on migration and individual national responses towards migrants and refugees. Displaced populations, particularly those in low-resource settings, grapple with specific health challenges that demand focused attention. Addressing their health needs is paramount for advancing global health outcomes. The imperative to acknowledge their distinct health concerns calls for strategic measures. There is a need to raise awareness about these challenges and foster tangible actions to mitigate them.

Action Plan

Migrants and refugees should be recognised as central stakeholders in global health and One Health discourse.

To achieve this, we suggest the following key actions:

  • Raise awareness about the unique social determinants and health challenges faced by migrants and refugees, particularly those in low-resource settings, and the opportunities they bring.
  • Advocate for strategic integration of the needs of migrants and refugees within German and global policy agendas to enhance domestic and global health outcomes.
  • Facilitate a participatory approach to discussions around migrants and refugees where all stakeholders can partake in the co-design, co-authorship, and co-production of the discussions and associated outputs.

Read the policy brief on Global Health and Migration

Declarations: The photos/graphics presented in this policy brief were generated using DALL-E by Ruth Kopelke. 


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