Advancing Global Health Together

Founded in 2019, the Global Health Hub Germany unites relevant stakeholder groups and sectors in global health. In the past, the global health landscape has been marked by fragmentation and competition. The Hub’s independent network offers global health actors in Germany the chance to coordinate and cooperate on global health issues more efficiently.

We drive change

Each and every global health actor has their own perspective, approach, and skillset. In the Hub, we take advantage of this diversity of perspectives and we ensure that global health issues are considered from all sides. The interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral exchange in our network helps us to identify relevant topics, questions, and solutions which we then communicate to the political sphere. That way, we impact political positions and decision-making.

Our vision: The Hub as Germany’s foundation for making a strong and inspiring contribution to improving global health.

Learn more about the Hub's strategy in the interview with former Steering Committee member Stephanie Taché.


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What is special about the Global Health Hub Germany?

We work on an equal footing

Funded by the Federal Ministry for Health, the Hub offers a neutral framework for exchange and collaboration. In their joint work, all of our 1,500 members have the same rights – no matter their stakeholder group, no matter their sector. This way we ensure that everyone’s expertise is heard.

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Strategic partnerships

To strengthen Germany's contribution to global health, the Global Health Hub Germany launched strategic partnerships with the Centre for Planetary Health Policy (CPHP) and the  German Alliance for Global Health Research (GLOHRA) in 2023. In Memoranda of Understanding, the organisations have agreed to intensify their cooperation in order to use synergies, pool expertise and develop progressive solutions.

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