We connect with a purpose: The perks of becoming a member at the Global Health Hub Germany

Are you interested in exchanging new ideas and perspectives on urgent global health issues? Do you want to collaborate with other stakeholders to bring about positive change? And do you wish you had the opportunity to use your expertise to offer relevant recommendations to policy-makers?

Then you have come to the right place. At the Global Health Hub Germany, we bundle the expertise of different stakeholder groups and sectors, creating a unique platform with political relevance.

Our strengths: Diversity and Equality

We are convinced that we need to work together to tackle today’s global health challenges effectively and innovatively. Therefore, Hub membership is free and open to all individuals and institutions that are demonstrably active in the field of global health, or simply interested in learning and contributing their topic-specific knowledge. We strongly encourage applications from all disciplines, sectors, stakeholder groups, and personal backgrounds that make the Hub more diverse.

Membership is free of charge for all members. All members have equal rights – regardless of the sector, regardless of the stakeholder group.

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How can members use the Global Health Hub Germany?

The benefits we offer:

  • Expand your network, form new partnerships and collaborate on projects
  • Gain access to expert knowledge and benefit from different perspectives 
  • Set the agenda for one (or more) of our Hub Communities, work together with other stakeholders on our virtual platform, the Collaboration Space, and produce relevant results
  • Benefit from the Hub’s proximity to the German political sphere and engage in a structured dialogue with German policy-makers 
  • Increase your own or your institution’s visibility and outreach – both inside the Global Health Hub Germany as well as in the political and scientific community
  • Support Germany in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and contribute to improving health across the globe

By becoming a member, you commit to participate actively and on a regular basis in the Hub’s activities and events, to share your knowledge on global health topics, and to uphold the values and principles of the Hub as stated in its charter.

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A network is as strong as its members’ contributions.

As a member, you have many opportunities to get involved. You can learn from other members' different skills and methods not only through direct dialogue – you can also network and collaborate with others in group formats overseen by the Hub-Managementteam. There are currently two different group formats that allow you to work with other stakeholder groups on an equal footing: the Hub Communities, in which members set topics themselves, and the Catalyst Dialogues, which work on global health issues selected by the Hub’s Steering Committee.

Other ways to take advantage of your membership at the Global Health Hub Germany:

  • Join our virtual platform, the Collaboration Space, and benefit from the opportunity to get quick feedback on your ideas from various stakeholders and save valuable time.
  • Together with other members, establish your own Hub Community your topic of interest.
  • Use our annual member event, the Global Health Talk, to network and meet other global health actors.
  • Join our webinars on current global health issues.
  • Read our newsletter: In addition to our Global Health Hub UPDATE which informs every other week about news from the Hub, events, jobs and other global health news, there is the Global Health Hub INSIDE newsletter exclusively for all members who are active in a Hub Community, with insights into global health policy as well as news from the Hub Communities and the Steering Committee.
  • Use the Hub’s platform and channels to share own information with other members.
  • Make use of your right of co-determination: elect two representatives of your stakeholder group into the Hub’s Steering Committee and help shape the Hub’s future – or even run for Steering Committee membership yourself.*

*We are an independent network. Members representing a government or governmental agency are welcome in our network, yet not eligible to vote.

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Head of Community Management
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