Guidance for the policy shaping of tomorrow

Political decisions need good counsel. This is what the Global Health Hub Germany can deliver. 

Connect know-how

We are the only German global health network that brings together the voices from eight stakeholder groups: civil society, science & research, youth, the political sphere, the private sector, think tanks, foundations and international organisations. The interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral nature of our around 1,500 members gives political decision-makers the unique opportunity not only to access a wide range of expertise, but also to learn about and benefit from the multiplicity of perspectives and debates.

Developing solutions together

Specifically, we offer the following support:

  • Do you need expertise on a specific issue? We can easily connect you to suitable experts from our network.
  • Do you need the broad range of opinions from German global health actors? We are happy to carry out small inquiries into the diverse perspectives of our stakeholder groups.
  • Would you like to stay informed on global health topics? In addition to our newsletters, we also regularly offer webinars on current issues in global health.
  • Do you have a question concerning the Hub? Our management team will answer fast and competently.

Advancing global health

Together, policy-makers and relevant non-governmental global health actors can develop solutions and contribute to improving global health. At the same time, we are strengthening the German contribution to achieving SDG 3 on health and well-being and SDG 17 on partnerships. Join us!

Interested? Our Head of Policy Dialogue Sarah Splettstoesser is happy to advise you: GET EXPERTISE NOW

Further exciting activities we are working on

  • At the request by federal ministries, we organise background talks with experts on specific issues. 
  • We are currently developing new formats for dialogue between policy-makers and the Hub involving all stakeholder groups.
  • At the request of ministries or relevant subcommittees, the Hub quickly develops recommendations on current issues.

Our hub communities, catalyst dialogues and events continuously produce politically relevant results

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