New Community Policy Brief on Global Brain Health

21. March 2024 I  NCDs

The brain is one of the most important organs of the human body, impacting all aspects of our lives. Find out from our Hub Community on Non-communicable Diseases what specific policy and programmatic areas Germany could engage in for better brain health.

Proposed Policy Options

The global health strategy of the Federal Government of Germany (2020) under the motto ‘Responsibility – Innovation – Partnership: Shaping Global Health Together’ provides a good framework for promoting brain health globally, such as preventing diseases and developing adequate responses, whilst emphasizing the need for more innovative approaches to address social determinants, behaviors, and environmental factors.

Some specific areas of policy and programmatic engagement for Germany in favor of global brain health could include:

  • Visibility: Step up efforts and raise awareness of brain disorders and the policy visibility of brain health among G20 countries, with Germany serving as an ambassador for good brain health. 

  • Integration: Apply interdisciplinary and intersectoral actions for brain health, including its determinants, to understand what Germany and LMICs are already doing for brain health and where there may be additional opportunities for synergistic action in the global health context. 

  • Prevention: Learn from the positive experience of current hospital partnerships to design prevention partnerships for NCDs and overall step-up collaboration on reducing exposure to risk factors globally.

  • Research: Drive brain health research, including through public-private partnerships.


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